Notification of Every Event

Each time an issue is inserted or updated, ExtraView Adverse Event performs automatic, filtered notification to interested parties. The interested parties are the users who are part of the workflow defined to process the issue. For example, the originator, the person assigned to handle the issue and the person who updates the issue will be automatically notified.

Note the notification list in the example above. Authorized users can 'Cc:' or copy additional people on a one time basis by using the CC Email field. Options exist to suppress the email or to include or exclude guest users associated with the issue. Users can add additional users or email addresses to the notification list at any time while updating the issue. In addition, ExtraView Adverse Event offers a unique interest list feature where the administrator can create interest lists based on a combination of fields and values. For example, one can create interest lists that follow rules such as 'email john.smith when any fatality is updated' or 'email when the module named power_supply is updated.'