When first logging into ExtraView as an Administrator, from the Administration menu, ExtraView will direct users to the Simple Administration Mode. This mode is a list of the more commonly used Administrative functions for new users. This Simple Administration Mode is designed to give quick access to some of ExtraView’s frequently accessed options such as User Roles, Behavior Settings, Security Privileges, and Sign On Messages. The Advanced Administration Mode is designed to guide more experienced users throughout all of their Admin needs, and in prior versions of ExtraView was the only option for Administration navigation. By simply clicking on Use Simple/Advanced Admin mode, located in the top right hand of the screen, users are able to switch back and forth between the modes depending on their needs. ExtraView will automatically remember which mode was last selected from the previous sign on.

The following screenshots show the location of the button where users can switch between modes and what a typical administration screen will look like.

Simple Administration Mode

Advanced Administration Mode