As the leading bug tracking solution for the software startup to the world's largest organizations, the Bug Tracking solution features comprehensive bug tracking and change management functionality based on the ExtraView platform.

No matter how simple or how complex your requirement, this solution gives your organization a state-of-the-art issue tracking application that will work with any process you require. As a bug-tracking solution, ExtraView has been implemented in thousands of companies, from small groups of less than five persons, through to groups of thousands of engineers.

The more complex your organization, the more Extraview shines and provides the highest level of value. If you have an organization with diverse needs, and the need for different workflows and processes in different parts of the organization - no problem. ExtraView delivers a scalable and highly configurable solution.

At the same time, ExtraView will integrate with virtually any other enterprise software, such as your Source Control Management (SCM) tool, with LDAP, Active Directory or with internally built software applications.

This guided tour provides a short insight to a few of the many ways ExtraView can be configured to work as a Bug / Defect Tracking solution for your company.