Home Page

From the moment a user signs on to ExtraView, each screen, layout and field display is unique to the user's role and preferences. For example, ExtraView provides a personal option for the default start page. Most users choose the home page as the start page. Interacting with ExtraView is simple, with its rich user interface making wide use of features typically only associated with client applications, not web-based applications.

ExtraView Home Page

The home page typically includes a company-wide message and personal reports. The administrator may use any valid HTML for the company-wide message, including images and links to other sources. Dashboard reports may be configured, and access to a knowledgebase is just a mouse-click away. Note the easy to use pull-down menus which offer fast access to features of ExtraView.

Home Page Optional Reports

Each user may select reports for their home page. The reports include column style reports, summary reports, matrix reports, charts, calendar and aging reports. End users will only see what is allowed by security permissions at both the field and record level.