Users are specific people who have an authorized sign-on capability to ExtraView. Each user has an individual account and the user or a system administrator can modify personal behavior settings within the account. The administrator has additional privileges to manage user accounts, however if a user self-registers, they are only given basic access until a system administrator grants them additional rights. The administrator can also create new accounts, disable existing accounts, and can add and remove users from user roles and privacy groups.

User Account Maintenance

Users may be defined and maintained in an external directory, such as an LDAP directory or a Microsoft Active Directory. Various policies for synchronizing the external directory and ExtraView's internal directory may be adopted.

Users may sign on more than once and they will still occupy a single license within ExtraView. However, there is a limit for each unique user in that they may only sign in and have up to five active sessions. For each five active sessions, one license is consumed.