Web-Based Entry

Because ExtraView was designed for the Web, every feature is accessible through a standard Web browser interface. ExtraView is not subject to the constraints of legacy client-server code, nor does it require any software (other than a standard Web browser) to be installed on the client system. Issues may be entered via ExtraView's web based interface, through other Web-based applications (such as testing tools or CRM applications), through offline forms, through emails to ExtraView, and through the ExtraView API and command-line interface.

ExtraView supports standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Internet Explorer ExtraView Add Screen

Safari ExtraView Add Screen

Google Chrome ExtraView Add Screen

Unlike legacy and 'Web-enabled' tracking solutions, ExtraView maintains a single database for all records and issues. With a J2EE server-side architecture, ExtraView serves large worldwide enterprises from a single server. Even more importantly, each user can set a personal option to use ExtraView in their own language. Tools are included that allow you to translate your own field values and terms, as well as translating ExtraView's inbuilt messages.

ExtraView Add Screen in English

Same ExtraView Add Screen in Japanese