Fields, Screens, & Layouts

An unlimited number of fields can be created in the Data Dictionary. There is a very rich selection of display types such as text, rich text, numeric, decimal, list, date, radio button, tab, doument, image fields and more. Security permissions are attached to each field for a combination of the user's role and the business area within your tracking system, giving unlimited control over the visibility and read/write capability of each field.

Data Dictionary - Creating a New Field

The fields created can be placed in any position on a matrix, to create the layouts used for adding, editing, and reporting. These fields are individually given attributes such as read-only, read-only if, visible if, size, maxlength, style, and many others. Business logic can be added to the fields to perform simple or complex operations.

Layout Editing

Layouts can be embedded within other layouts, and new field types can be customized with some programming. The rich environment allows you to create layouts of any complexity, from simple to advanced, allowing you to set up any process and workflow needed.