Role-Based Layouts

Each user role (or group of users) in ExtraView may have its own set of layouts, field logic, field titles and security settings. There is no limit to the number of roles and layouts that can be added to your ExtraView implementation.

Adding a User Role

For example, the engineering group may prefer fields that relate to build environment, source control and build deadlines. The QA and testing groups may opt for fields that describe the testing requirements and documentation impact. As shown in these examples, the customer may see a simple entry screen to report issues, while the internal support technician may see a much more comprehensive screen with many more fields and rules.

Development Engineer Role View

QA Role View

Customer Role View

ExtraView detects user roles at sign-on and serves up custom screens for each activity. This vastly simplifies the displayed data for each role, while allowing complex processes and procedures in the background. Users may not even be aware that other roles exist with differing permissions.