The Metadata Export and Metadata Import procedures are designed to make it straightforward to update your production instance of ExtraView. The update may be required for a number of reasons -

  • You are developing new functionality in the form of business areas, projects, layouts, logic, reports, etc. and do not want to do this in your production, live instance of ExtraView.
  • You have a new release of ExtraView software and want to upgrade your production system, after testing the new release with your application.

When you export information, all the tables that are associated with the family are also exported, including subordinate information.

When you import information, there are two modes, as follows:

  • Update - modify existing objects of same name and type from the export image
  • Update/Merge - this is a combination of update plus a merging of new data items in the export file. For most common import purposes, use this option to produce the desired result of adding new data, whilst updating existing data.

Metadata Import