Aging Reports

If you choose the Create new aging report from the Query / Reports screen you are offered a variety of aging reports, designed to show how long issues have remained in various statuses as the issues were progressed from stage to stage. The aging report produces a count of issues that have been in each status for a defined period of time. These reports are offered at multiple levels as discussed below. When you select this option, you will see the following screen:

Aging Report Output

The Aging Report options are the same as for Column and Summary reports. Likewise, selecting filters is the same as for other report types. The specific information required for aging reports is collected in the center section of the screen. When you have selected the options and pressed the button to run the report, the output will look similar to the following:

Aging Report Creation

As you can see from the sample, the report displays each of the statuses selected, along with a count of the number of issues that have been in that status for the different time intervals on the report. Each of the counts is a link to the issues that make up the count. Clicking on the number drills down to a further report that gives a history of the time the individual issues spent in each status as shown in the following diagram. Note that incomplete days are not counted in the aging. Similarly, if your report is based on an hourly drilldown, then incomplete hours are not counted