Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports are created for the purpose of placing on a user's Home Page. Like all other reports, they may be personal or shared. A dashboard report is designed to show summary information, which may originate in a Summary Report, a Matrix Report, an Aging Report, or a Chart.

Dashboard Report Output

You may place up to 100 individual reports on a Dashboard Report, up to 10 horizontally, and up to 10 vertically. Care should be taken when designing a Dashboard Report, to ensure that you place these in a readable fashion and that you do not try to place too much information on the dashboard.

Dashboard Report Creation

Dashboard reports have one special property not shared with other reports. If you are going to share a dashboard across a user role, or make it public, only the dashboard report itself needs permission to be run by the other users. The other users do not need to have permission to run the reports within the dashboard. This permission will be given to them automatically. This allows you to keep the reports within the dashboard as personal reports so that the other users may not individually run or edit these reports. However, the individual field permissions still apply so users will not see fields to which they do not have read permission.