Quicklist Reports

Quicklists are reports where the format (i.e. the fields that are displayed) is prepared by your administrator. Typically this report is designed to show you the most important and most frequently accessed fields. Selecting Run Quicklist Report and pressing the Go button will generate a report using the filters selected on the screen in the Query Filter section. The resultant report can be sorted by any of the fields displayed, with a single mouse click.

Quicklist Output

Quicklists are ideal for selecting a group of records for further examination. For example, a manager might want to create a Quicklist of newly submitted issues, and then view or edit each in turn, in order to assign them to the appropriate person. Additionally, a manager could create a Quicklist of all the issues with an Open status, in order to see the average number of days in status for purposes of assessing efficiency or resource allocation.

Quicklist Creation

If your administrator has enabled the option, a button named Turn On Record Selector will be on the menu bar of the Quicklist report. The function of this button is to allow you to see a selector by each record on your Quicklist report. When you use the selector to choose records from the Quicklist report, you can then perform one of the following mass operations on the selected records:

  • Produce a Detailed Report with the selected records
  • Group the selected issues into a new relationship group
  • Perform a Mass Update of the selected records

Turning on the record selector alters the Quicklist report by displaying a checkbox by each record, as shown on the following screenshot. Click on the checkbox to select each record. You can turn off the record selector with the button Turn Off Record Selector on the menu bar. To execute one of the mass operations, simply click on the appropriate button on the menu bar. You may also select all the records on the page by checking the box by the prompt Click here to check or uncheck all the records on the page.

Quicklist Record Selector