ExtraView is a Web-based business process management system designed for organizations that need to track product and service issues, manage product requirements, improve team communication, and increase the efficiency of core processes.

The version of ExtraView that you install may or may not include pre-configured solutions. These solutions may be downloaded from the ExtraView web site. You may use any or all of these unchanged, or you may alter the functionality of an individual solution, or you may turn of any unneeded pre-configured solutions. In addition to these features, the administrator may also create new tracking systems, named Business Areas.

Business Areas

Linking worldwide functional teams, ExtraView collects and routes requirements, defects, customer support calls, trouble tickets, and enhancement requests into one easy-to-use Web-based system. ExtraViews intuitive operability and easy customization allows developers, engineers, quality assurance personnel, and others to devote their time to resolving immediate product development issues instead of spending their time implementing and maintaining costly, unwieldy, or poorly integrated internal tracking systems.