File Attachments

ExtraView gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of file attachments to any ExtraView issue. Attachments can include anything from a screen shot with a particular error message to a document outlining the specifications for a particular software feature. Screenshots can also be captured directly and uploaded. ExtraView gives you the ability to upload any number of files of any type to any given issue. Depending on the database used on the ExtraView server, each file attachment may be up to 4 GB in size.

From the add or the edit screen, click the Add Attachments button. A popup window similar to this will be displayed:

Add File Attachment

From this popup screen you add attachements by simply dragging and dropping your file into the highlighted area. If you wish, you may also use the Standard Uploader as follows:

File Attachment Standard Uploader

From this popup screen you add attachments by pressing the Browse button and selecting a file to upload. After the file appears in the lower half of the window, add a description for the file. You can remove files incorrectly selected with the Remove button. Up to ten files may be selected for a single upload session. Once you have the correct files, you perform the upload by pressing the Upload Attachment(s) button.

Once uploaded, you can view your attachement from the Edit screen. Simply click the View button next to the attachment, or click on the thumbnail.