Updating Issues

Editing and updating an issue that has been entered into the database allows you to add information, update the status of an issues, change incorrect information, or view the history of changes for that issue. If allowed by your system administrator, you will also be able to manage groups of related issues. Please note that the actual fields on your edit screen may look slightly different based upon your administration settings.

To Edit an issue, navigate to the Edit Issue screen. This can be accessed a variety of ways, including: Home screen folders, Email Notifications, Add Issue Summaries, Quicklist Reports, Detailed Reports, Summary Reports, and Custom Reports.

Adding Repeating Rows

When you are editing an ExtraView Issue you may be able to add another repeating row to an existing issue. Repeating records have many uses such as tracking issues against more than one release or version in which the issue is found. The specific fields available are configured by your administrator. The principle is that you can use repeating rows to break down a single issue into multiple parts, each with its own workflow.

Repeating Row Example

Related Issue Displays

The difference between Repeating Rows and Related Issues is that Repeating Rows are able to break an issue into smaller sub-issues, whereas Related Issues allow the user to link similar issues together. A Relationship Group is a grouping of issues within the system for the purpose of keeping track of similar or related items, and to allow the status of all the related issues to be updated as a single action. Once a relationship group has been created, and issues have been associated with it, ExtraView will notify the user of the existence of related issues each time you do an issue update, and give you the opportunity to make batch-level status changes, as needed.

Adding Attachments

ExtraView gives you the ability to upload any number of file attachments into any issue. Attachments can include anything from a screenshot, to a picture, or a document. Screenshots may also be captured directly and uploaded. You may attach an unlimited number of file types in any give issue. Each file may be up to 4GB dependent upon your underlying database.

Add File Attachement

Cloning an Issue

ExtraView allows you to clone an existing issue into an entirely new issue. ExtraView will assign this new issue it's own unique ID and give you the ability to manage it independently of the original issue. This feature is useful if there are a number of very similar issues that require only a small change in order to differentiate. When you clone an issue, a comment is automatically added to the old and new issues, to show the cloning details.