In ExtraView, field values can be defined as part of parent-child relationships. These relationships may be established without database changes or programming, through simple configuration.

Parent-Child Relationship. Module is a Child of Product

For example, the software product 'Tracker' includes modules such as 'CLI,' 'Database,' and 'GUI.' The product 'Tracker Enterprise' includes modules for 'API,' 'GUI,' and 'Processor.'

Parent-Child Relationship. When Product is changed, the list values of Module reflect that change.

With parent-child relationships in place, ExtraView will display only the appropriate choices on the add and edit screens. This vastly simplifies screen layouts and shortens pick-lists to the context of the process at hand. The administrator can establish multiple parent-child relationships among many types of fields. This process ensures that only valid data combinations can be entered. Allowed value relationships can be chained together.